Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Sagada-Besao water disputes

Sankapay lomaylaylayog ad Sagada. Another way is tomiktiktiktikid ad Langtay

Ay id Langsayan (near Kalimogtong) nan kankanam, because I roamed those mountains as a kid dat maid getkek as Langtay ti ngadan na mo:>)). Langyatan is another, but it is situated between Agawa and San Pidli (ooops, Fidelisan gayam met a).

Re Agawa being a part of Sagada, the more credible reference is probably hinged more on territorial jurisdiction. Agawa and Fidelisan has a common border - along the Buasao area - where there has recently been some conflicts on water rights. On those occasions of tungtungan, reference was again hinted (so I heard) that the two barangays may have been conjoined together as one jurisdiction before. As it is with local history though, most if not all have been handed down by word of mouth. As an aside, and in keeping with this related theory, Lake Banao (for Besao folks, Danum for Sagada) is currently being claimed by some (a couple with Sagada-Besao origins) for their personal use. Interesting, eh? Ironically, these so-called "claimants" are citing 'history' - believe or not!

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