Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Sagada-Besao water dispute

Any one out there agree that Agawa was once part of Sagada?

That can not be. Aye pay di tomikitikid dung ket menleblebleb -- et omey kad Danum. Sankapay lomaylaylayog ad Sagada. Another way is tomiktiktiktikid ad Langtay sakapay lomaylaylaylaylayog to Bangaan sakapay menleblebleb -- to Sagada.

Ay ayeh pay sa!

Ngem no Besao ah et kapapate. Men eh lebleb mo et id Besao.

Sabagay. My uncle Bacdayan(Nellie, Andrew and Albert's father) from Agawa (roots is Payeo) to get married, tenikid nad langtay danet lomayog ad Bangaan.

He did not realize that he created a hardship for the relatives. I have to accompany my grandmother from Payeo carrying rice on our heads. Climbed to Langtay and down to Bangaan. On the return we carried beans and cabbage.

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